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i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight a daring smash and grab robbery caught on camera in northern virginia. more than $120,000 worth of jewelry stolen, where the thieves struck and reaction from shoppers.
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>> plus a fox 5 investigation, local car 9/11 caught taking the bait. tonight we're -- thieves caught taking the bait. tonight we're highlighting criminals caught behind bars. >> and an abducted boy safe, his kidnapper dead. >> but first let's get an update on that winter weather. we're keeping an eye on a storm system moving through. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. sue palka in the weather center with the latest dusting. >> this is another in the series of clippers that we've had. you can see behind me the big picture. 1 band of snow moved through and it did deposit some decent snow in places like frostburg and higher elevations. on local radar you'll see most of this has been light and north of the district. you can see temperatures, too. it's still in the mid-30s in many areas, so a little warmer than the last time one of these came through. over to sentinel radar in
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motion, a composite picture. first wave passed us by. is there anything else in the pipeline? there's a bit of moisture in west virginia, but it looks like that won't make it across the mountains either. in terms of advisories not much for the local metro area. we've got a couple to our north and we're talking about frederick and washington county. in those areas only you might have a very small accumulation, perhaps up to 1 inch or so. the rest of us i think it's going to be a very small amount of snow and little or no accumulation for most of the metro area especially south of d.c. i'll let know if there's anything else in the pipeline. we'll have the seven-day forecast a bit later. now to a developing story out of alabama tonight where a tense week long hostage situation finally ended. agents stormed an underground bunker for a man that held a 5- year-old boy captive. fox 5's will thomas in the newsroom with how it all ended. >> we're told the 5-year-old
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boy appears to be physically unharmed. we're starting to get a better idea how this daring rescue went down. fbi agents managed to fish a tiny camera into that bunker. it was a small room with food, electricity and a tv and the boy could be seen crying for his parents. today fearing the child was in imminent danger agents made the move to enter. >> relief and that's our primary goal is the safe release of any hostages especially in this situation where it's 5-year-old kid. >> he has 20 years under his belt as a hostage negotiator with prince george's county police. sergeant gleason is as relieved as the rest of the country watching the situation play out in alabama. the 5-year-old boy held captive in an underground bunker is okay. it all ended at 4:00 in the afternoon six days after 65- year-old jim lee dykes shot and killed a school bus driver and kidnapped the boy. >> within the past 24 hours
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negotiations deteriorated and mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. the child appears physically unharmed and is being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased. >> last tuesday investigators say dykes boarded a school bus and demanded that the bus driver, charles poland, turn over two young children. the 66-year-old driver tried to block him and authorities say dykes shot and killed him, then took the boy identified by only his first name ethan. sunday hundreds of people attended the bus driver's funeral. >> he was just an outstanding person and cared about kids and ultimately gave his all to protect those kids. >> little ethan turned 6 this
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week. negotiators managed to deliver a hot wheels car, crackers and other food and medicine to the boy who has a mild form of autism. sergeant gleason with prince george's county police conflict management team says each negotiation is different, but it's always a team concept. >> so you'll have a coach and a primary negotiator and that primary negotiator will negotiate and do the best job that he or she can. the coach will hear everything going on, will be part of it, will help relay some of the intelligence information to the negotiator because the negotiator is so focused on listening. >> lots of interesting perspective from sergeant gleason. we'll put the full interview on back to alabama, negotiators used a ventilation pipe in the bunker to speak with dykes. again he is dead, but officials haven't said whether he was killed by agents or if he tookly own life. bomb technician -- took his own life. bomb technicians are clearing
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the property for improvised explosive device and evidence teams will clear the scene. we expect to get another update from authorities within the hour and it looks like that press conference has not started. we do know dykes was a decorated vietnam vet who grew up in alabama. neighbors say he was kind of menacing. there's reports he threatened to shoot children who set foot on his property, but again we're waiting for an update from the fbi very soon. another big story tonight, a dramatic smash and grab at a northern virginia mall, four men at least one armed with a hammer demolished a display a flash and got away with the jewelry inside. fox 5's lauren demarco has the details. >> it happened at fashion center at pentagon city earlier today. the suspects were in and out in under a minute and tonight they're still on the loose. >> we can say it's a smash and grab job. >> within a matter of seconds police say four suspects walk into this zales jewelry store,
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bust open a case and make off with handfuls of jewelry. police say they took 27 diamond rings. >> and approximate value of $128,000. >> surveillance video shows at least one of the men using a hammer to break through the protective glass. then all four grab what they can. officials say no employees or customers were hurt. >> no threats were made. the employe feared for their safety, so they backed away. >> it happened after 11 a.m. inside the fashion center at pentagon city. >> it's a shock to hear at 11:00 broad daylight, a lot of people. >> mall employee anthony glover says he'll be extra careful in the suspects are caught. >> they do make my a little nervous, you know. have to watch myself. >> after grabbing the rings the suspects ran for the nearest exit to a get-away driver in a red sedan. they drove through a closed gate and took off down 15th street. investigators are checking security cameras in the parking garage to see if they can get a better description on the car
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or tag numbers. they hope the video from zales leads to an arrest. >> they concealed their identities by wearing hoods and i don't know if it's masks or they did conceal their faces, so maybe through clothes the public will be able to help us locating these individuals. >> i assumed it was a very safe mall. i was sad to hear somebody robbing a store. hopefully they're caught. >> zales is on the third floor of the pentagon city mall near nordstrom's and the get-away car was on the top floor of the parking garage, a red sedan. d.c. police say two bank robberies that happened within minutes of each other may be connected. one ppened along the 3400 block of connecticut northwest, the other minutes earlier at a bank in the 4200 block of wisconsin avenue. a woman with a bandage on her face is believed to have been
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behind both robberies. a meeting tonight at a local high school after three boys were accused of making sex tapes with drunk and sometimes unconscious girls. fairfax county police say their investigation of the students at west springfield high school is ongoing. fox 5's karen gray houston is there with an update. >> reporter: school officials won't say if those three students were suspended. a spokesman says the school system does not comment on discipline measures. those three boys were back in school. we understand the ptsa tonight didn't want the media at the meeting. we can only assume that sex scandal was on the agenda. we spoke to a clinical psychologist to try to get some insight on the boys' alleged behavior. there was definitely strong interest in this ptsa meeting .
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the west springfield high parking lot was filling up. school officials wouldn't let us get close and none of the parents we spoke to wanted to comment, but dr. andrea barnyer, a licensed clinical psychologist on the faculty says getting girls drunk and having sex with them and making videos that got passed around and post online is disturbing. >> we've all heard about peer pressure, but it really is disturbing, part of adolescents wanting to fit in and find something to keep them with the crowd and sometimes wanting to do things daring enough to get them noticed. >> reporter: the three students are athletes, two 16, one 15. police say they is targeted six girls from area high schools as part of an online prostitution ring. >> a lot of young kids, even
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adolescents that by the time they're 15, 16 years old have already seen so much pornography that there's a way of almost depersonalizing women. >> reporter: she says parents need to talk to young boys to instill values and help them understand that girls and women are people. >> they have more control than they think. in terms of sexting you can control whether or not your child has a phone. you can control that plan and whether or not it's allowed to send data. you can have a rule that computer access is in public rooms of your house only, you know, main rooms, not bedrooms. >> reporter: now barnyae does not think this behavior is that uncommon. she says what's making it easier now is technology. those three boys have been charged with possession, reproduction and distribution of child pornography. back to you, shawn. coming up tonight the ravens return home as the super bowl champions, details on tomorrow's parade plus the local super bowl advertising
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stunt that led to more than a half million dollars of furniture given away for absolutely free. ree. >> later tonight car thieves caught in the act and on camera, where police are using bait cars to catch criminals and how successful the program has become. >> a caregiver charged with assault after graphic video is found on youtube, the disturbing accusations against her at 11:00. stay with us. fox 5 news at 10:00 just getting started. 
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well, tonight the ravens are back home in baltimore. the plane carrying the super bowl champions temperatured down at marshall bwi airport late this afternoon. meantime i'm here with sports director scott smith scott, not only a late night for fans but partying for the players. >> they avoided the distraction successfully that is new orleans and then had to wait through the longest super bowl ever, but finally the party was well underway and the owner hosted a private party where
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head coach john harbaugh said he danced the night away with his young daughter allison and super bowl mvp joe flacco said he was operating on about an hour and a half of sleep, so running on fumes this morning but happily talked about the game at a news conference this morning. harbaugh joked he thought he had lost the lombardi trophy at some point. then the team hopped aboard the charter touching down in baltimore just after 5 p.m., the emotion of victory very fresh, the head coach trying to put his gratitude into words. >> quite a night last night, just proud of our team, proud of our coaches and our players, happy for our families and most of all, happy for all the people in baltimore. we saw some amazing pictures last night of the streets being closed in baltimore and everybody partying. >> i don't think iwould be quite as enjoyable as it would be if we hadn't gone through all the stuff that we've been through in the last couple years, this year.
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so i think we kept the faith all along and this is where we envisioned ourselves and i think that's where we're here. >> he does look a little tired in that picture. he did announce at the postgame party afterwards he and his wife are expecting their second child. funny enough, when they announced the first child, it was also right around thanksgiving last year when they had played the 49ers. so the 49ers kind of this good luck charm for the flacco household. also tomorrow we have the celebration, victory parade in the streets of baltimore, start at city hall in baltimore around 10:45 and the big party will ensue at m&t stadium at 12:30. >> i'm guessing it's going to be nice and full, a lot of people will be there. the super bowl ratings fell just short of record ratings. the nielsen company estimates nearly 108 million people watched the guam last night, the third largest -- game last night, the third largest tv audience. we're learning more about the
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blackout that caused the half hour game delay in the 2nd half. an abnormality occurred where stadium equipment intersects with an electric feed. yeah, we kind of figured that. the new orleans mayor says he doesn't think the power failure will hurt the city's chances of getting the championship game back in 2018. customers of a baltimore furniture chain also scored a touchdown with more than a half million dollars in free furniture thanks to one jacoby jones. fox 5's bob barnard explains. >> reporter: antonio banks is sharing the wonderful news with the world. >> it's a pretty good deal, free furniture. who don't love free furniture? >> reporter: free furniture for everybody who shopped at gardner's from thursday through 3 p.m. sunday if the ravens returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the super bowl, which they did. >> and he is flying! >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: david saul, the big winner, was holding his breath when jacoby jones caught the ball in the back of the end
10:19 pm
zone to start the 2nd half. >> he got that tackle and i got up off the sofa and started jumping up and down and my brother-in-law was looking at me like really, you're that excited and i said yeah, i just saved 2,000 bucks. >> reporter: the baltimore- based family owned chain of five furniture stores had bad news for late comers. >> yes, it's over. it ended 3:00 yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: but exciting news for dozens of others. >> my phone was going absolutely bananas. >> oh, my god, so many people just got free furniture! it was great! >> reporter: $600,000 worth. >> this is the greatest day for the ravens. it's the greatest day for baltimore and it's absolutely the greatest day for gardner's customers. i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: that's because gardner's owner greg mullany says he bought insurance from lloyds of london. >> i'm almost speechless with excitement. >> reporter: this is actually the third year gardeners has
10:20 pm
offered this super bowl promotion. the first two were just for opening kickoff, but with the ravens playing sunday it was for whenever they got the ball, at the start of the game or start of the 2nd half. greg says he had 30 people in his home watching the game. >> everybody went nuts that jacoby jones made this incredible runback and then there was a hush and 10th 2nd later they went oh, boy -- 10 seconds later they went oh, boy, wen somebody is up the creek and they -- we know somebody is up the creek and they started pointing at me and laughing. couldn't be happier. >> reporter: sure is something he'll remember. in baltimore bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> thank goodness for that insurance policy, right? coming up next tonight the presidential pitch to the public, president obama hits the road pushing for tighter gun control laws. >> and later tonight a followup to a fox 5 investigation. we told you about to expire retardant chemicals in some couches. now new concerns over other products in your home. [ woman ]  ring. ring. progresso.
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president obama headed to minneapolis today for a roundtable on gun laws. the national discussion goes in the wake of the newtown school shooting and several smaller incidents since then, but the impasse still seems to be about privacy rights versus gun rights. >> they won't do it. the mental health lobby won't do it. the hippa laws won't do it. i wish it would happen. we're all for it, but it's not. >> there won't be perfect solutions. we're not going to save every life, but we can make a difference. that's our responsibility as americans. >> the discussion even made the super bowl. new york mayor michael bloomberg's gun control group paid $100,000 to air an ad in the district during the game. joining us now fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. where do we stand in all this? >> it sees that uniform background checks seem to have the best chance of actually going into law. the nra which used to be for
10:25 pm
this, wayne lapierre said in 1999 he was for it, is now not for it because he feels that it would provide a nationwide gun registry, but there are positive signs for majority leader in the senate harry reid and from judiciary chair pat leahy. when it comes to assault ban doing away with assault bans, that doesn't seem to be in very good shape. vice president biden who led the discussion says his major priority is clips and magazines limiting the amount of each. that, too is not very favorable. so when you talk about the whole gamut, it seems that background checks and especially that loophole in gun shows stands the best chance. >> is it lost on anyone in this debate that a background check wouldn't have stopped newtown? the kid got his guns from his
10:26 pm
mom. >> well, people feel that, of course, there will be exceptions, but as the president said and i think rightly so, that if they can cut in any way the chances of something happening, it's never going to be 100% foolproof. they're going to try to make an attempt. they want to produce some legislation, brian, that changes the dynamic. >> now is senate majority leader harry reid from a pro gun state going to be an effective leader on this? >> well, that depends on his arder for this issue. more important probably than harry reid is the democratic senators who they need their vote even for the most modest or minimal of changes are from pro gun states, alaska, louisiana, arkansas, west virginia where these democratic senators or incumbents are not running again have to choose do
10:27 pm
i get reelected or do am i profiled and encouraged to vote against the nra and bear the consequences? >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin tonight. coming up next on fox 5 a special investigation. we're highlighting what police call an effective tool against car thieves, bait cars rigged with cameras to catch thieves in the act. we'll show you how the operation works. unch o of shal. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. arlington car thieves are taking the bait. tonight we have video of the thieves being busted. arlington police plant the cars on the county streets. when thieves break in, the cameras start rolling. sherri ly has tonight's fox 5 investigation. >> reporter: it's a crime fighting sort of reality tv, police set the bait, but car thieves have no idea they've
10:31 pm
just been caught in a trap and on camera. >> get your hands up now! don't move. >> reporter: caught in the act and no way out, that's what happens when thieves break into an arlington county police bait car. >> we can track it and intercept it and shut it down and plunder arrest. it's really just that easy. >> reporter: all those shown in these videos have been convicted, started in 200want bait car program leading to -- 200want bait car program leading to 21 arrests on more than 200 felony charges, some for trying to steal the car or what's inside. when a break-in happens, a silent alarm alerts police back at command center who can see and hear what's happening from cameras planted inside the car. this guy is trying to break the ignition, but he doesn't even get it moving before police show up, handcuff and arrest him. the bait cars typically makes
10:32 pm
and models that appeal to car thieves. >> it was a setup. >> reporter: if the suspect manages to drive off, police can cut off the ignition remotely and lock the doors. the bait car program has a 100% conviction record and in nearly 11 years the number of car thefts and thefts from cars on arlington county streets has significantly dropped. >> it's reduced our auto theft rate and our theft from auto rate over 50%. it's cut it more than half. >> reporter: but the criminals keep biting. even kiddie car thieves shown here a few years ago. the youngest ever caught, a 7- year-old stealing stuff inside and a 10-year-old would be car they've. >> the only thing holding him back -- thief. >> the only thing holding him back was he couldn't reach the pedals. >> reporter: one of the hardest parts is making sure it does not look like a setup. >> i give it that lived in look, but also i have to put
10:33 pm
things in there that are, of course, not over the top but also look lichway all have in our cars. -- like what we all have in our cars. >> reporter: gps devices, cell phones and laptops are favorite targets left in cars for thieves. police say they've never caught the same they've twice in a bait car, but as long as they keep catching bad guys and making arrests, keeping those bait cars around is a no brainer. >> police tell us only 10% arrests in bait cars is for stealing cars and the other 90% is for stealing items from the car. the former lawmaker john leopold faces civil discrimination lawsuits from two former county employees, both citing different reasons for wrongful termination. the two term republican was found guilty last week of two counts of misconduct in office. leopold will be sentenced in
10:34 pm
march. new secretary of state john kerry wasted no time getting to work greeted by diplomats as he arrived for his first day on the job. kerry says his new job is a huge honor but he has some big heels to fill referring to his two female predecessors hillary clinton and condoleezza rice. >> and i guarantee you that beginning this morning when i report for duty upstairs, everything i do will be focused on the security and safety of our people. we have tough decisions to make, but i guarantee you i'll do everything i can to leave up to the high standards that secretary clinton and of her team put in place. -- and her team put in place. >> kerry represented massachusetts in the senate for nearly 30 years. now a story from last week on fox 5, toxic fire retardants found in the foam of some couches and other up holstered products. now concern about similar chemicals and foam insulation with your home. here's consumer reporter laura
10:35 pm
evans with the followup. >> reporter: awareness is growing over how ever present these chemicals are in our lives from the couches we sit on to the mattresses our children sleep on, it's likely we have a flame retardant somewhere in our home. just today an article on the front page of the san francisco chronicle reports a northern california lawmaker is working on a bill calling for a reduction in the flame retardants used in foam insulation. scientists at the environmental working group say there's very limited safety testing when it comes to the fire retardants used in foam insulation with greater potential hazards for children. >> considering a child's hormonal system is still developing and many of these compounds are known to disrupt with hormone function, i would say that that's a significant concern and you would want to reduce exposure as much as possible if you have a young child or infant. >> reporter: i spoke today with one of the authors on the recent study on flame retardants in couches, heather stapleton of dawn university.
10:36 pm
her study found 85% -- duke university. her study found 85% of all couches in the u.s. contain flame retardants including one pulled from children's pajamas in the 1970s. stapleton met with the epa last week on this issue and told me today, "i think we need you date a large number of our flammability standards and closely evaluate the application of these chemicals to consumer products. from what i have seen there appears to be excessive use of these chemicals in some products that are not even required to meet flammability standards. this is leading to higher exposure to chemicals with unknown health effects." the epa is currently reviewing some of the most commonly used flame retardants reassessing their safety. up next new details about a war hero gunned down this weekend. >> plus an incredible discovery. this skeleton was once the most powerful man in england.
10:37 pm
wait till you hear where researchers found it coming up.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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 this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo.
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new information on the suspect accused of killing an american hero at a shooting range on saturday. the iraq war vet locked up for killing former seal sniper chris kyle. routh suffered from ptsd and kyle was mentoring him. the suspect shot the victim with a semiautomatic rifle several time. tonight he's held in isolation. for the first time we're hearing from a young pakistani woman shot in the head by the
10:41 pm
taliban for supporting girls education. her name is malala yousufzai. she was on her way home last october from school when two men asked her by name and shot her in the head and neck. despite surgery and months of rehabilitation the teenage activist has not given up. >> all of them have prayed for me and because of these prayers and because of these prayers god has given me this new life and this is the 2nd life. this is a new life and i -- second life. this is a new life and i want to serve. i want to serve the people and i want every girl, every child, to be educated. >> wow, she's got an incredible spirit. malala made the short list for time magazine's person of the year in 2012. she writes a blog about life under the taliban in pakistan. her shooting led to national outrage and attention to the struggle for women's rights. tonight on the news edge video that's hard to watch and impossible to forget, why police charged a maryland caregiver with abuse after fding this video on youtube.
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he ruled england between 1483 and 1485 during the decade long fight over the throne known as war of the roses. today archeologists announced the stunning newsed that found the final resting place of the -- news they found the final resting place of the king richard the iii under the parking garage. >> reporter: drivers in central england have apparently been parking their cars on top of a deceased king, scientists saying a 500-year-old kill belonged to the vilified monarch richard, ii, england's last medieval king. >> richard, iii has been found. >> reporter: richard, iii was
10:46 pm
killed in battle in 1845 at the age of 32. this discovery is rewriting history books. scientists say the skeleton's spinal curvature also matched accounts of the humpbacked king immortalized by shakespeare. >> the skeleton has a number of unusual features, slender build, scoliosis and battle- related trauma highly consistent with information we have about richard, iii and about the circumstances of his death. >> reporter: crews began excavating the city center location in august last year and soon discovered the skeleton found in good condition with only its seat missing. with explicit maps of what foundations they found underground archeologists had faith that their big dig was on the right track. >> it's sort of compelling evidence when you take all these little threads and put them together that we're looking in the right place and we've got the right candidate to be richard, iii.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: because richard, iii was buried just 27 inches below ground, his remains were disturbed on a number of occasions. his skeleton was nearly flushed down a drain when an outhouse was built on a site in the 1800's. in london amy kellogg, fox news. today the nation remembers civil rights icon rosa parks. she would have turned 100 years old. the post office is honoring parks with a forever stamp, parks widely known for her arrest in 1955. she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in montgomery, alabama. parks later move to michigan where she died in 2005. wow, this viral video by a 1st grader from modern day school in bethesda very popular. last week the school made a deal with the kids if anyone made a foul shot, the entire school would get the day off. the 1st grader was the last
10:48 pm
student to try and he got nothing but net. >> oh, wow, what a hero. >> the varsity high school team is already going all right, we got tabs on that guy. none of these kids have had much in the delay of snow days, a couple two hour delays, so they've got to be grateful for. this i don't think there will be delays tomorrow in most areas. >> i hear them all going darn. >> maybe washington county where they had some measurable snow tonight. this thing kind of fizzled out and dried up, a lot of dry air in place. i don't think it's going to do much here. >> yea! >> how would you feel about a warming trend? >> bring it on. >> i'm making shawn happy tonight. here we go with february and another clipper passing through, but this one which looked good on radar earlier as it encountered dry air has not been able to do much and there's not much left of the first batch and the second batch still out over west virginia will have a tough time moving through the area.
10:49 pm
i don't think most of us saw any flurries out of this. most of the action was to the north and west. i'll show you what they got around hagerstown and west of there. let's talk about the headlines. this clipper lost its steam. i don't think it will do much to us. the headlines going forward, any light snow that's left will mostly stay north, maybe a little extra squeezed out, but that's it. i do not expect any accumulation for the metro area. i don't even think we'll see flurries. maybe we'll get a few tomorrow afternoon but it would be from a separate system. just about over with the compensation of the mountains and i have minimal concerns for the morning with the exception of those areas that are under a winter weather advisory and this composite of sentinel radar in motion here really makes it look a lot more significant than it was. we had some patches of snow up to our north, maybe some flurries, but the accumulation was from hagerstown on west. then we've been watching this batch which is disappearing
10:50 pm
quickly, too. i don't think that will make it across the mountains to give us anything additional. definitely a cold day. reagan national and dulles at 36, bwi 35 degrees. out in frederick county maybe a couple delays in the northern areas if they're not keeping up with the roads but very minimal even through washington county and into the mountains where there's a little bit more snow. 37 is our temperature up 2 degrees in the last couple hours, 38 quantico. so even if we got something locally, it probably would have melted, but colder for gaithersburg and frederick at 32 and hagerstown 28 degrees. overnight lows i think will be near the 30-degree mark if not upper 20s. this is what i'm expecting in terms of snow around here. this again was all to our north, perhaps a dusting on grassy areas to 1/2, a little more significant here where we got a few reports of 2 or 3
10:51 pm
inches. on our futurecast is where the snow stays overnight. we get a few breaks in the clouds tomorrow morning, wanted you to see there could be passing flurries showing up tomorrow afternoon here and there, more in the form of snow showers, might see a few around midnight. it will continue in the mountains. then we're back to sunshine and the beginnings of a warming trend toward the end of the week. 31 tonight, mostly cloudy, 44 degrees tomorrow, a few peeks of sunshine and perhaps a passing afternoon flurry for fun. at 8 a.m. 33, some spots below that, of course, by noon 41 and by 4:00 44 degrees. your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast, got a couple flakes on there to cover passing flurries we might see tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. it also looks like if there's anything with that one, it would be mostly north. wednesday not bad at 46 degrees. look at the trend toward the weekend, saturday about 47 degrees, sunday 51 and to monday about 54, could be a couple rain showers in the mix
10:52 pm
in the next couple go arounds. there are 40,000 troops with visible wounds from iraq and afghanistan. thousands of others deal with pain we can't see like ptsd, but now some can take comfort in a brand-new home away from home here in our area. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: every inch of this place has to sparkle. >> it reminded me of like a resort. >> reporter: there is golf, but this is no resort. this is the uso's warrior and family center at fort belvoir. >> it's really the first facility of its kind. >> reporter: architect brian pilot helped design this case including the kitchen. >> this needs to perform like a commercial facility, but it was important it didn't feel institutional. so you see a lot of wood, stone, warm materials everywhere to give that sense of home. >> reporter: this is the video game room. you can take a swing on a
10:53 pm
virtual golf course. >> it gets us away. it gives you a chance to get way into your own little world. >> reporter: retired sergeant first class joe bowser was hit by rocket fire in iraq in 2004. >> split second i heard this noise and it blew up behind me. >> reporter: he lost a leg because shrapnel went through bone and artery. he now is able to play on the usa warrior hockey team but says the long road to recovery was difficult especially on his kids. >> not really having an area or place for them to hang out because all they could do was be with me in the hospital room. >> reporter: we want to show you just how close this new facility is to the place where wounded warriors are treated. look over my shoulder. there's a parking garage. just beyond it, that gray and red building is fort belvoir community hospital. >> there's visible and invisible and sometimes the invisible ones are the wounds harder to treat. >> reporter: sheryl hall hopes people leave here feeling
10:54 pm
renewed giving to them as they have given to the nation. at fort belvoir, beth parker, fox 5 news. coming up next we're taking you inside the following, a behind the scenes look at fox's new show that keeps million on the edge of their seats. >> a warning for drivers in virginia, now the commonwealth is looking to crack down on texting while driving. ♪
10:55 pm
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♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
10:57 pm
millions of americans have been on the edge of their seats for the last few monday nights as they watch fox's new show the following. tom haynes went behind the scene to fine out what goes into making this -- find out what goes into making this dramatic new thriller. >> reporter: the following tracks the sadistic steps of serial killer joe carroll and his so-called followers. >> you weren't supposed to find this place. >> reporter: we got rare access to the set and the
10:58 pm
show's hero, kevin bacon, who plays agent ryan hardy. >> i think it was an opportunity to play a hero but play a hero who was complex, had layers and issues and to me that's what makes any kind of character. >> why you doing this job? >> reporter: each episode brings new terrorizing twists and turns and the set is kept super secret. on our visit agent jack hardy was in the hospital visiting a wounded friend. >> in a way it's kind of voyeuristic because the show is about everybody is being followed, everybody is being watched. >> joey, honey, where are you? where's my son? >> so much detail goes into shooting each scene. kevin bacon hasn't arrived on the set yet they're scripting and blocking each moment what's about to happen. >> reporter: when kevin bacon is on set the entire room fills with a sense of added urgency.
10:59 pm
>> kevin bacon is the anchor of the show and even though the show takes on some very scary moments, he's always bringing it back to the humanity of the main character. >> what's going on, ryan? where is my son? >> we need to talk. >> reporter: the set designs are meticulous. so is the attention to detail. the following may be filmed in new york, but the show takes place someplace entirely different. >> it's interesting because so far very little of the show takes place in new york, but we create virginia and west virginia and, you know, different parts of the country right here. >> reporter: the following is intense and oftentimes dark, but bacon and crew are betting it will be a winner. >> they're supposed to be scary and grab you and shake you and make you go oh, no, i didn't see that am cog. that's what we're really going for -- coming. that's what we're really going for. the news keeps coming. here's brian with ne

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